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thanks to Werner Lehmann for the article about our work in the Swiss magazine Raum & Wohnen (09/2010)

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new projects, Cologne 2011

“When we developed Random we were driven by the idea of the singularity of books and the uniqueness of the relation between reader and book. Every book was supposed to recieve its true place and space in a bookcase.

By observing peoples use of Random, we noticed that it wasn`t host for books only.  Memorabilia, souvenirs, sculptures also found their way between the books.

That made us think of the storing habits. Why do people store what items in which way?

And we quickly discovered the play between concealment towards displaying.

There is a linear transition from items being tucked away and the ones brought on display.

It is not caused singularly by functional matters, that could be reduced to the frequency of use or the size of the item, but also by the expression of the emotional liaison to an object.

The hidden could be the less liked or the most secret, the visible could be the most important or prestigious.

So we created  a playground for this paradigm.

From total concealment to explicit exposition you now find the right space for every personal item.

Random Cabinet gives the possibility to put away the unneeded, the unwanted, the precious or the secret.

Random Box leaves places to display the important, the beautiful or the frequent used objects and to hide the valuable, the things worth being protected  whilst Randomito is the pure sketch of storage. It builds a frame for the prestigious and the loved.  “

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imm Cologne:

birth notice: 3 new members of Random family:

mdf italia in Cologne: hall 11.2  M20

17.01.2011: Thanks to wallpaper* to choose our cabinet Reef as a winner for the following award:

Wallpaper* Design Awards 2011: Best domestic design: Best cabinet: 'Reef' storage system, by Neuland, for Interlübke

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A  traditional Milanese chair has been reedited in polycarbonate into the Milano 2015 .

Reinterpreting the reinterpretation, logically and consequently should lead us to the original, traditional Milanese chair.

While trying to follow the evolution of the chair back to its origins, we realized that there was missing the transitional state the chair must have been in, before becoming the Milano 2015.

As Milano 2015 comes in a non very traditional material, in non very traditional colors and a non very traditional overall appearance, it shows signs of being a small pretender.

We concluded that the transitional state must have been some of a cathartic or purifying situation.

So that only by learning, improving  and  admitting it could evade the dilemma.

It shows characteristics of some well known, not always truth telling, but very representing Italian personages.

So we called our project the “Pinocchio” chair, as for the other possible personages, you have to take your guess…

Design for Charity is a socially committed project specifically focused on helping disabled children.

A selection of artists, designers, photographers and graphic artists has been invited to re-interpret a well-known design work, Milano 2015 – a contemporary version of the typical chairs in old-fashioned Milanese “osterie” – conveying through new layers of fabric, color and other elements, symbols and messages enriching and transforming this archetypical object with new meaning and function.

All pieces will be exhibited and on sale for the public between April 12th and 17th at Triennale di Milano, and proceeds will go to a project, “Una tata per i più piccoli” (A nanny for the little ones) promoted by Associazione Paolo Pini, actively supporting disabled children since 1956.

thanks to Sandra Hofmeister for the article about our work in the Belgian magazine Damn (April/May 2011)

„These two designers who together call themselves Neuland have an interesting and rather unconventional way of setting about their work that is pretty much backtofront. Stemming from a fundamental distaste for the focus on aesthetics instead of practicality, they begin designing from the inside out. The stylish result could therefore seem to be somewhat incidental to their working method, but perhaps it is just its innate poetry...“

The OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD 2011 judges carefully examined 301 entries from a total of 23 different countries – 46 of the concepts and designs submitted had the seven jurors convinced. The eleven best of those will receive a GOLD award in Friedrichshafen during the OutDoor Show on 14 July 2011.

During this year’s OutDoor Show (14 to 17 July 2011), Messe Friedrichshafen is proudly presenting the OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD – the most prestigious award honoring quality in this industry – for the sixth time. After their judging session in Hannover on 28 and 29 June 2011, the jurors named 46 award winners. Eleven of them were also rewarded with a GOLD award – presented for special design and innovation achievements. A total of 301 products from 23 different countries from around the world took part in the innovative award competition conceived and organized by iF International Forum Design GmbH in Hannover (previous year: 328 entries from 28 countries).

Manufacturers, developers and designers were called upon to submit their new product developments focusing on the topic of the outdoors in eight different categories: Apparel/helmets/shoes, Backpacks/travel luggage, Mountain-climbing equipment, Camping equipment, Sleeping bags, Accessories, Products of high ecological and sustainable value and Material innovations. In addition to the evaluation criterion of design quality, the judges also took into account such other aspects as degree of innovation, workmanship, choice of materials, environmental compatibility, sustainability, functionality, utility, safety, trendsetting character and brand value/branding.

pictures: iF International Forum Design GmbH

this year, the jury of experts included: Dr. Bene Benedikt (ALPIN – Das BergMagazin, Gauting/Germany), Mark Held (European Outdoor Group, Zug/Switzerland), Eva Paster (Neuland (Paster&Geldmacher), Munich/ Germany), Giovanni Quirici (mountaineer and biologist, Carouge/Geneva, Switzerland), Tjeerd Visser (Op Pad Magazine, Den Haag/Netherlands), Frank Wacker (outdoor editorial office, Stuttgart/Germany) and Bernd Woick (Bernd Woick GmbH, Filderstadt/Bernhausen, Germany).

2011: Three of our designs have been elected NEW CLASSICS by German magazine Schöner Wohnen:

Elephant by Kristalia

Reef by Interlübke

K1 by Nils Holger Moormann

thanks to the team of Schöner Wohnen for their very elaborate portrait about us in their September issue.

Special thanks to Rolf Mecke for his perceptive interview and to Regina Recht, who made fantastic pictures despite the misty, dirty weather!

„Urbane Ideen aus rustikaler Umgebung: Eine Jagdhütte, 1400 Meter hoch gelegen,

ist das kreative Zweitbüro von Eva Paster und Michael Geldmacher, dem hoch gelobten deutschen Designer-Duo Neuland“


thanks to Katerina Oshemkova and the team of Ukrainian magazine  Salon for their portrait about us in their September issue.

We do not understand a word, but whoever speaks Russian may feel free to download the article above!

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Nils Holger Moormann hosted the most important design event of the year: A hellacious race with 2 Bookinists motorized with high power engines.

Neuland team took part on 1st Concours d´Élégance as Team 17: Aschauer Hell.

thanks to Sixtine Dubly for the article „Neuland - Un duo tout en finesse“ in the category „Fünf Meister“ and Anne-France Berthelon for the article „K1 - la culture du projet made in Germany“ in the French magazine IDEAT (November 2011).

news 2011


new projects imm Cologne 16.-22.01.2012

High noon at Päffgen: The Kya barstool from young furniture brand Frei Frau is more than just an innovative solution for a typical pub stool. According to its designers Eva Paster and Michael Geldmacher (Neuland), it looks just as much at home in the leather-dominated setting of a swish historic hotel bar as it does in the understated clarity of an urban bar or even a modern private interior. You can either sit on it the traditional way or as if it were a saddle. It invites the user to change position and play with the different possibilities. A hefty double seam holds the individual pieces of leather together. Kya is designed to age with dignity, acquiring a patina as the years pass. With increasing age, the stool is meant to tell of the thousands of miles its various riders have spent astride it at the bars of this world – hopefully in line with the motto: change your horse, not your saddle!


The chair Elephant was awarded Best of Best of the interior innovation award 2012.

We thank the jury for that honor! Special thanks to Kristalia for the amazing collaboration!

new projects, Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milano 2012

hall 16 B19 C22

if a company presents a new cabinet system, it usually means a new shape of the front, new colors, new materials or a new opening mechanism: All innovation related to the appearance of the frontal surface.

The lateral view of a cabinet is mostly neglected in terms of innovation: Side-panels are panels on the side and for this is a bit boring they have to be covered by other cabinets or have to be arranged close to the wall.

Unlike this habit, Inmotion is a three dimensional innovation: Esthetically and funtionally it includes the side-panels just as much as the front-panels. 

It´s claim is to surprise you - no matter where in the room you are. Is it open or closed? Partly closed or partly open? Wasn´t it different a few seconds ago?

Inmotion is a new typology of cabinets: Neither is it a closed cabinet nor an open shelf, but also it´s not a cabinet with open and closed segments. By turning the treasure chambers you can show your secrets - or hide them : Inmotion is always in motion.

Inmotion is a system of freestanding cabinets, that don´t have to lean on to each other.

It´s like a good marriage: Cor-Relation instead of dependency.

hall 16 E36

hall 16 D43

The initial idea for the storage-system Blio comes from the traditional concept of a bi-blio-teca: The fascinating visual impact of bookshelves in lateral view, that you can only explore by entering one of the dividing corridors. The active way of entering a bookshelf instead of just standing in front of it, intensifies the often thematized subject of immersing into the world of books.

Of course Blio is not a public library, but a touch of library for your office or your home - just as Blio is a glimpse of the word bi-blio-teca.

This concept also implicates a new appearance of bookshelf: 

Usually you enter a room, looking at the side of a bookshelf (which is mostly not the sunny side). What a disappointment: You are curious in this very first moment, but you see only a board and maybe some narrow coloured stripes generated by the spines. While finally relaxing on your couch, all the backs of your books are taking your attention. 

With Blio it´s the opposite: Standing in the door, you are attracted by a composition of spines. While chilling on your sofa, you see nothing but a quiet arrangement of white surfaces. You´re in the mood of reading? Then it´s time to explore Blio ´s secret compartments.

This year 2 of our new products were awarded with the interior innovation award 2013.

For the system Inmotion by mdf italia we even got Best of Best.

We thank the jury for that honor!


news 2012

new projects, Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milano 2013

hall 20 A05

hall 20 A05

hall 20 A05

news 2013

new projects

imm Cologne



new projects, Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milano 2014   08.-13.04.2014

PARK barstool  b-line  hall 16 / C37

news 2014

Design Post Köln

new projects imm Cologne 19.-25.01.2015

new projects Salone Internazionale del Mobile

Milano 2015  14.-19.04.2015

two new sharky species discovered:

two stools in two heights

with seats in different shapes:

The high stool entirely replicates the seat of the chair and becomes a comfortable bar stool, whereas the low stool has a different seat, shortened for a more harmonious overall effect.

hall 20 stand A05 B04

Project  Random,

10th anniversary edition

The bookcase’s structure is made of composite material from the aeronautics industry.

hall 16 stand B19 C22 C28

Project  Random,

coloured boxes

Manufacturer  mdf italia

Boxes coated in artificial fibre canvas in different colours

hall 16 stand B19 C22 C28

Project  Randomissimo

Manufacturer  mdf italia

hall 16 stand B19 C22 C28

Project  Inmotion

hall 16 stand B19 C22 C28

In the beginning of 2015 we decided

to strike new paths in the future.

Due to new orientations in our professional

lifes, we wanted to provide us with room for

new collaborations and new developments.

Neuland will only remain as a project related

team on old projects and so wE´ll give us both

way to our individual evolution.